All Work and All Play

Have you ever thought of connecting your company's performance management tools to a process management platform?

By using manual process management such as Excel, SharePoint,, Asana, Trello you are missing out on key information about your business, which is vital for process optimisation and true digital transformation. M3 platform has the ability to capture this data and use it in a unique way to give your business the competitive advantage to retain top talent.

Performance management tools are designed to be engaging, like a social networking site, to draw in employees to leave nice comments and messages of praise to motivate each other.

However, this can make it more of a popularity contest rather than a contest of skill, leaving the most hardworking employees too busy to participate. It is also not proven whether such comments have any impact on employee retention, performance or motivation levels.

Cross Company Integration with "Gamethinking"

Integrating tools like performance management into the Modus3 “M3” platform enables companies to automatically track employee activity and productivity, and measure their goals automatically in real time. In addition to personal feedback comments in the performance management tool, AI automated posts signaling achievement of pre-set goals will highlight the work that others do not see or would not otherwise comment on.

M3 platform can be used to implement a game thinking system in the workplace, encouraging employees to beat their scores, achieve levels of knowledge and skill and compete in challenges.

Subjective measure of performance will, as a result, be minimised. Employees can be ranked, get the visibility in the company they deserve and reduce the recognition due to popularity and clique mentality.

Reward the employees that deserve the praise through their work rather than their social status and promote the right individuals to retain top talent.


Win with Modus3 by tracking your employee's achievements towards their goals and lead to enhanced motivation, job satisfaction and employee retention.

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