Smart Task Management

Gain instant visibility and IQ into all processes, tasks and the clients they serve. Upgrade and transform your daily business processes with an advanced all-in-one remote friendly platform


 Improve operational intelligence 

Enjoy complete visibility of critical processes, from start to finish. Instantly view KPIs on every task, every employee involved and every client serviced to ensure ADVANCED operational control and IQ.

Ai Digital Workforce

Our Ai instantly auto-generates tasks to be completed across all departments and accessible to all teams. Some completed by our "Ai Digital Workforce" to free up employee resources.

Track and Trace 

Track, trace and manage all tasks within a multi-function business process, from start to finish. All fully auditable. Instantly identify and remove bottlenecks, data duplications and errors. 

Client 360 View

This Client Centric feature ensures revenue, profitability, service status and opportunities are monitored with each client. Single data entry for client details. 

Compliance Checker

Our AI powered QA check automatically ensures that the tasks completed are done so in line with your, governance, regulatory compliance and SOP requirements.


Our platform was built to connect. We ‘Plug & Play’ with existing and 3rd
party solutions such as Salesforce and Docusign to
help streamline and boost performance.

Quick deployment

We offer easy and flexible deployment options, multi-cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Client data is never stored on the M3 platform.

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Agile, cost efficient, scalable and secure

Our Ai-driven platform works in 3 easy ways. It connects to other systems, triggers the tasks and provides a centralised, live view. 


We "Plug and Play" with your existing and everyday business systems such as Docusign and Salesforce.


Our Ai auto-launches workflows and tasks across your whole enterprise. Accessible to all remote teams to collaborate on. 


With our Smart View HQ you are in complete control with live dashboard data. All workflows and tasks monitored in real time.


Streamline processes and optimise operational performance 

“Providing advanced visibility into a complex environment, with the focus always on client service”.

Invoice Processing

Significant savings of 60-80% over traditional manual processing. Reduce human error and dramatically increase process speed and accuracy.

Manual Processes

83% reduction in general data entry. With an automated solution, your team can spend time on higher value tasks instead of manual data entry.


Automated work time task tracking, task planner, activity logging, workload planning and employee availability tracker.

Remote Friendly

Cross-function and cross-country collaboration, project management and document sharing.

Digital Transformation

Digital customer journey mapping and real-time KPI monitoring along main touch points.

Single data entry

A single input system for all business transactions to reduce turnaround times in transaction processing.

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