Smart Enterprise Governance.

The All-in-One AI powered solution for Enterprise Governance.

Integrate key applications, streamline workflows and monitor overall performance.

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What We Offer

Modus3 offers a private cloud based platform that dramatically boosts overall Governance operations. Plug-n-Play with existing systems to synchronise data, documents and tasks. Sync up, streamline and automate processes, policies, procedures and controls, to create collaboration and synergy across all departments. Our Smart Governance approach combines AI with our proprietary workflow engine to offer a next-gen platform that's built for speed and scalability. 

Providing user based authentication based on department and role.
Ensuring real-time monitoring and analytics to improve decision making.
Assigning task ownership to ensure user responsibility and traceability.
Boosting operational efficiency by automating manually repetitive tasks 
Empowering companies to stay in control of regulatory change.
Improving data flow, reporting and audit trail management. 
Modus3 Integrations

We integrate with the applications you need to boost your overall Enterprise Governance operations. 


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Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Modus3 Mission

We provide real time monitoring of business operations and compliance with governance frameworks by connecting all systems and processes for optimal sustainable performance.  

Reduce the Risk of Non-Compliance and Cost of Compliance

Create a Unique Competitive Advantage

Increase ROI and Maximise Business Value

Boost Operational Efficiency


Platform Features

Our platform's architecture is what sets us apart. It is built for optimum flexibility and customisation, especially when managing regulation and process management changes. We can deploy on private cloud subscription, public cloud or hybrid, based on client preference.

Capability to integrate with and compliment your existing systems. No sunken costs.
Easy to use. Design based on everyday apps for familiarity . 
Machine Learning algorithm for predictive analysis and decision making.

Pay for what you use and monitor your costs.

Platform auto-scales – Built to handle high volume use.

Automated UAT for fast deployment.

Built for the Future. Blockchain ready.

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